FRP ladders, FRP ladder, manufacturers of FRP ladders in Gujarat, India

FRP ladders Manufacturer

We are Manufacturer of FRP Ladder of different size using FRP Material to be produce by Pultrusion technology.

1. Wall supported
2. Platform type, etc

frp-ladders-manufacturers gujarat india

Ladder to be Produce by following Profiles:
1. C channel 80 x30 x 3 mm & 4 mm with Fluted pipe 32 mm
2. Bench sections C channel 84 x30 x 4 with Fluted pipe 32 mm
3. C Channel 80 x 30 x 3 mm/ 4 mm with Aluminum Step.

All our ladders are developed with IS standard


Unique Features of Fiberglass Ladders:
1. Non Conductive
2. Non- Metallic
3. Non – Corrosive
4. Higher in Mechanical Strength
5. Easy to carry
6. Light weight
7. 100% Rust and Water Proof
8. Low Maintenance
9. easy to install

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